We wanted an intergenerational activity where associates

On Dec. 19, 2018, Santa Claus took a break from his workshop to pay Life Care Center of Tullahoma, Tennessee a visit.


While he was there, Santa participated in several activities with residents, associates and their children and grandchildren. Santa gave out candy canes, took pictures in front of a Christmas backdrop, listened to Christmas lists and conversed with plenty of children and residents.


The residents also enjoyed listening to Christmas music and playing bingo during Santa’s visit to the facility.


“We wanted an intergenerational activity where associates’ children and residents’ grandchildren could come and get their picture taken with Santa,” said Tammy Isbell, business development director. “Everyone had a wonderful time!”


Santa revisited the facility on Christmas Eve, but this time he was not simply stopping for a visit. Instead, he delivered presents to each of the residents and wished them all a merry Christmas.