Mary Nunley with Amanda King, occupational therapist, and Dario Operio, physical therapist

Mary Nunley needed rehabilitation to regain her independence after having a total knee replacement.


Nunley chose to do her physical and occupational therapies as an inpatient at Life Care Center of Tullahoma, Tennessee.


When Nunley arrived at the skilled nursing and rehab center on Aug. 12, 2019, she needed help with all her mobility – from walking to standing balance to getting in and out of bed. She was unable to do her daily self-care routine, including bathing and getting dressed, on her own.


The PT and OT teams worked with her to regain strength, mobility and the ability to take care of her activities of daily living.


By the time Nunley completed her rehab stay, she was able to get dressed and transfer from one surface to another (such as a bed to a chair) independently. She was able to walk 1,800 feet with a rolling walker and bathe independently.


“Mrs. Nunley always had a positive attitude toward her therapy sessions and gave her best effort every single day,” said Dario Operio, physical therapist.    


Nunley returned home on Aug. 27.


“The services here were great,” said Nunley. “I could not ask for anything better. I was so happy I could have moved in and stayed.”