Life Care Center of Tullahoma, Tennessee took time to celebrate nurses with a sit-down meal May 12, 2018.


“The response from the nurses and CNAs was one of total gratitude,” said Tammy Isbell, director of business development.


Nurses were served grilled chicken, baked potatoes, fruits, vegetables, cheesecake and cupcakes. CNAs were served grilled chicken wraps, chips, pasta salad and fruit. The executive director and maintenance director assisted in grilling the meat and setting up the meals. Meals were offered in shifts to accommodate all who were working.


Daily tasks for nurses and CNAs range from direct patient care and wound care to medication management and close medical assistance with bathing and eating. Nurses and CNAs work shifts ranging from four hours to 12 hours at a time.


As a token of appreciation, the nurses and CNAs received gifts for the hard work they put in. Each received a backpack with a matching lunchbox and a coordinating drink container. They also received a scroll print of the Florence Nightingale poem as a personal thank you for their dedication.


Life Care Center of Tullahoma is extremely grateful for our wonderful nursing staff,” said Isbell.