Left to right: Renae Cataldo, occupational therapist assistant; Beverly Daniel; and Dario Operio

Beverly Daniel came to Life Care Center of Tullahoma, Tennessee, for rehabilitation after fracturing her hip.


When she arrived on Feb. 16, 2018, Daniel required extensive assistance for all of her mobility, including bed mobility, wheelchair mobility, standing balance, transfers and walking. She also needed extensive assistance to bathe and get dressed and moderate assistance with sitting balance.


Daniel took part in physical and occupational therapy sessions six days a week. Therapists used manual therapy techniques as well as transfer training, gait training and training in her daily functional activities.


“Ms. Daniel worked very hard to reach her goals for independence so that she could return to her prior level of function,” said Dario Operio, physical therapist.


Renae Cataldo, occupational therapist assistant, added, “She had a good attitude and a magical personality, which made her enjoyable to treat.”


“She brought a warm spirit that seemed to radiate onto others, helping others work hard to reach their goals as well,” said Dawn Stills, director of rehab services.


On April 16, Daniel successfully returned home. She was independent with her mobility and most of her self-care skills.


“My therapy at Life Care Center of Tullahoma has been outstanding,” said Daniel. “After surgery for a broken hip, I wasn’t sure I would ever be up and around again. With their assistance, I found myself doing things I never thought I could do. They have a wonderful team of therapists, and the staff of nurses and all the workers were especially nice to me.”